alex jumelin X St martin

I'm really happy to announce this new deal i've just signed with the french flatland company ST MARTIN.
It has been many years that me and the ST MARTIN staff were thinking about it and many rumors every years were talking about it.....but now i can tell that  what i was waiting for just happen .
Now i'm gonna start working and i'm gonna redesign all the new frame , fork , bar and many more to present a brand new concept around me and ST MARTIN ..
I am really excited about it cause i'm gonna be able to put all my experience as a rider into a complete signed bike , it's been since the PARIS KHE FRAME that i was waiting for that, so i'm pretty proud about it.
I really want to thank the ST MARTIN staff to give me that opportunitie, especially MANU MASSABOVA who i'm a good friend with since more than 15 years to trust me that way .

By the way on this clip i 've just shot tonight at the school you can see me riding for my first day with a st martin frame , check out the cross footed foot jam .....sweet isn't it? ...

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