old school jam .

last friday was the last session ever in my spot , i have spend 20 years of riding in this spot , so it was really hard for me to leave this place without running little event .
i invited all the guy who i started riding with 20 years ago in this spot .
it was really cool and good vides to see all this old fat friend than i'vent seen for a long time .
there is a few pics about it .

charles .he was the overall riders .he was riding street and flat 

was also runing a new school jam with renaud 

eric was the technical front wheel rider of the team 

mike was the decade rider of the team , he did 5 decade one day 

georges was the contest rider . he was practicing his routine all day 

here was a very funny game back in the day , you act like you ride vert 

so here is the team .
charles , mike , georges , me and eric 

alain robert the actual ^president of the club .

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  1. Une plongée 20 ans en arrière, un grand moment ! Merci Alex !
    La prochaine fois on viens baptiser la nouvelle salle ;-)